Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wonderful Wife

I married a wonderful wife
One behind my wide smile
And my manhood mien
Among other men I lead

She completes my thoughts
When are trudging with tons
And when are sick of fraught
She’s actually why I was born

She’s the mother of my children
And the genesis to my generation
The one to neutralize my problem
And to revitalize my imagination

Through her eyes I see the future
With everlasting heaven in fixture
And through her genius thoughts
The consistency of my life float

When God created love
Was simply to be our tome
Then created Adam and eve
To only resemble our home

She’s all the time with me
Always forming a sweet pair
Even when bodies mightn’t be
For love let us to be everywhere

She stands for my decline
And strives hard for my shine
She can even stand my flaw
And strikes it bad to the floor

She’s my love and my life
I cannot play on my own
Whenever she isn’t on ride

Or proceed standing alone

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