Monday, January 18, 2016

Stupid Apology

In the silent twilight
It suddenly started to rain
I wanted your smile to last
But my slight was insane

You showed your heart
But I closed my eyes
You said how you felt
Still I closed my ears

That night you smelt to death
Your thoughts went to race
And your dreams flew with gust
Still you wanted me by your side

I crawled and you clawed your way
You cried, I smiled, still you cherished
I played and you plainted in wail
You cared, I soured, still you endured

Now guilty is great, heart can’t beat
Nothing to say, you are gone forever
I didn’t know how it feels like to be hurt
Until I missed your tender forever

I know what you had was real
And I chose to pass the buck
You offered me your love
In turn, I gave you my back


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  2. OMG! such a heart-aching poem! Loved it almost! Fabrice you are such a genius! Keep writing only one small suggestion sometimes write light-hearted poems as some readers may find difficult to understand heavy words. Otherwise you're an amazing heart-breaker as well as heart-healer poet!

  3. I'm honored and pleased to hear that!
    I'm nowadays trying light words!
    those poems I'm currently sharing I wrote them a bit back!
    Anyways, I appreciate your suggestions and your kind words!
    thank you again