Monday, January 25, 2016

When Was Yesterday?

When was yesterday?
Anyone to remind me?
What happened yesterday?
Anyone to remind me?

Did I act silly? Or did I say rubbish?
Or I just sang? The nicest song
I don’t remember how yesterday started
Or how it ended
I just remember one hour in 24
Vividly like recorded video
Precious moments, beauteous feelings
That’s all I remember

Ooh, she’s still there, in my mind
Wandering like a soldier on duty
It is still joyful, time we had yesterday
Alone in rain under my roof

They thought we were crazy, the crowd
They stared, amazed
They thought we were in love, few of them
But they were wrong
Actually we were in heaven, me and her
For love is too small
Heaven in paradise, paradise in heaven
Us all alone

She seemed happy, when we were together
Broadly smiling like an angel
I was lost, lost in her soul
She fully had me, under her control
She took my hand, firm in hers
Ascending my fever
So as to my blood pressure

I closed my eyes, reckoning our future
Building our palace above mountains
I opened my eyes, she wasn’t there
I opened my mouth, shouted her name
Louder, louder than thunder
What happened next? I’m not aware

I said my prayer, the next morning
She was smiling, when I closed my eyes
I tried to remember, when I got out of bed
What happened yesterday
I failed to bring back
The life I used to live before
Only her picture stayed

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