Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Photo by Isai Ramos

Yours is love
I long to hear
Within the rattling droplets of midnight rain
The kind I read in blue skies
And the music of the spheres
And the harmonious pulse of our hearts
Time's inconceivableness, we conceive like open petal
The light that transcends my soul
Underneath the walls, you swept your way inside
Is it true that I shall sing your name
I on the flute or the trumpet or inanga
Somewhere it will ring like heaven
It has to be your hand that will lift me up to the sun
That will write my good days
And I who shall spell them
As M-Y F-A-T-E
I who shall dance to celebrate
It is I who shall outlive my fears
My death and the dark days that are stained on my pillows
That are sprayed in the afterglows of my room
It is you who will share my shrubbed house

Friday, March 16, 2018


Photo by Hal Gatewood from Unsplash

 For Shiny; I’m not so romantic but your love forces me to be:)

She loves me
She says
Words come up with
Supernatural conveyance

Of tasty unknowns
Of what would only come

From greenish dreamland
We stand close together
Holding present & future

The past clenched in our fists
Makes little whines
Unheard they go past
Momentarily suffocating

We paint each letter with love
And hope for uncertainties
Heavens wrote down for us
The chat room, our pitfall
Of tulip-bedded floor
We are safe once trapped
And falling

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Having To Lie Here

Having to wait for the future
It is the pill to swallow unsure
The illness to be deadly
Musical or heavenly
Or an opening for the days
I’ll be freenot frail
Not brainwashed by the media.
Having to lie here in the shade
I see most, if not all,
The slow passing of time
Hear songs from my agonized soul
When the night is deeper
To test the dept with all three legs

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Drowning Journal

You're writing a stanza
in a sigh
you're driving a fool out of walk
I'm a beast in a heart
an artist maybe
I suffocate angeled devil
in a world I'm a word
embodied in metaphoric silence
write me down on the inner flesh of your chest
or sing me with your lips
once I ventured west before sunset
stayed for an age night
pondered you bosom-ward
and so missed you tender
baby pile of beauty
you smile with rising sun
and sob with crying heaven
I know how far I have gone
I would have died
if it weren't your stirring letter
there's God's voice in drifting leaves
and your face in the nightfall constellations
and my name in your drowning journal

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Little Drive

Artwork by Erraenah Bara

Turn down the light

A little too loud

I need not the fright

Nor the agonizing anticipation

To possess my head

That a constant palpitation

Whenever I’m by you

Nearly gets my nerve

I am a free soul too

Let’s drive on to the floor

Hand in hand, in every curve

There are songs to flow

I went far through the walls

My pen swinging on my belt

Shuttered the world into my notes

Filled my lungs with dusts and music

To breathe your flame, to break your faults

Till perplexion fitted my moving

My muse, my haven

The nights have gotten out of my reach

Without a word

My soul stretches just an inch

After every dream

I have of you.