Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Soul Black

We’re never left with a breath to think
There’s no time to count days
Or our indistinct memories of blessings
We’re just on the edge of falling lonely.
There’s no rush though, we’re not in love
We’re not in songs nor in italic inscriptions
Yet; but we’re in hearts of envious unborn
For death is a one-way going
No looking backwards
No recalling of the last step
For there’s no standing, no sitting
No lying, no walking, no flying
For in death there’s no being.
In a man-made era, unorthodox is sinful
We’re too connected to go through
Each other. But heck we’re too broken
We’re trapped in the cage of free[doom]
Sometimes I wonder where we came from
The way was erased behind with lies
That we’re one, that we’re together
Yet we’re distant like heavens
There’s the shadow roaming in our souls
Ask my fellow poets, their journals know better
It’s a timeless feeling, a die-hard friend
Why does it sound so dull, empty and sour?
In the inside
Why do we have to paint it grey?
To look artistic and cool, and seemingly fine
At the outside
When the creeping night is to peel off the curtains
To unclothe the shivering soul
And open the tap of despair
We cling on the thought that we’re not alone
In the sinking boat
When I can wail to the lady beside me
On my way to town but never get heard
When I walk in earphones listening to nothing
Just…just to…you know why if you’ve ever done that
Now tell me that you care before sunset
For I’m never alive at night
I die on old songs, old days
Old memories that will never reoccur
Tell me that you love me now
Tomorrow I’ll be gone.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Remember Me

remember me on your way to heaven
i'm forced to believe how discernible
how close we were to ruination
if you didn't mend our ways
if you didn't dictate future into our fistful melody
your complaints, now i understand
our time together is a brief fragrance to forget
and to relearn sometime tomorrow where it fits
does that make it trivial, darling?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Dance of Life

Bold as you alone can be
And quiet in the shade
I don't hear you growing
Nor do I dream of your flying
All your way up to heavens&back is a silent dance
Inerrable taps set irresistible trace
Take me in for a ride
This I feel can be nothing fa├žade

Friday, November 16, 2018


I keep coming back, over and over
I happened to know the path leading home
Where're you and where're you?
Places we've been to keep calling, calling
They keep glowing, I shrinking
Azava he, k'amaso yanjye amukumbuye
Azava he k'umutima wanjye umukumbuye

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I'm nowhere in your library, obviously
Nowhere in your gallery
A riddle that stood the test of seasons
Your glorious temple bear not my name
Sir, why, from your songs I draw my inspiration
You are the talk of our village
The muse of our cottage
Yet I know not your visit
Your face is a mystery, only imaginary
Your being everywhere but in my hut is a grievance
In vain have I reached out with my longing hands many a times
Am I too much a hold, sir?