Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Rest of Me

Clothe the sore warm
Leave only the pain ON when you sleep
This is your life, this is your way home
I once read about the dying elephant
The crying never heard; 
where's the rest of me?
What's left to wheel me through the days is especially gauzy
But you could read me, oh! 
you could light me on if you glanced backwards
And look where we are, look at the time trickling away, unmindful of us
The ghost in me wants you; 
the devil in me wants me, has me, tries me
But the angel in you wants something else!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Retrospective Jealousy

Sit up&look at me, what do I let slip?
I never knew the way forward was the same way backwards
I never knew retrospective jealousy would ever get the best o' me
I never knew friends I had were foes in fox' hid
Now I sing, oh how I sing! like a crying kitten in a string
Round my neck is the world, round my way home I trot
If we met, we could've been friends

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Fear is a terrible thing
fear of knowing the depth of your misery
fear of finding out that you are sailing great land of damnation alone
fear of biting your tongue when singing the song of redemption
because nothing's ever right, nothing's ever right
no, nothing's ever right

Monday, April 29, 2019


Pain is silent
Pain is deafening
Pain rolls you over to dead end and back
Pain knows no boundary
Pain exercise no courtesy
I once courted Him
Why, he loved me back


He's got to take the joke to bed
the bloke needs a little sleep
tomorrow, another laughable day
who's to share the humour?
Who's to break the curse and curve it into fine jewellery?
A silver wristlet maybe, that will serve him all right
Now listen to this; a bloke is broken, period