Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kiss My Cheek

Hug my sculpture
Spread your spirit
Through its flesh
To animate me again

Hold my hand
Firm as pillar
Let it not slip
Off this mountain

Whisper in my ear
Your favorite song
To my bare soul
For smile resumption

Eat my lips
Enjoy your prey
Send my eye
In deep sleep

Write a song
A soulful song
Sing it aloud
For my joy-fest

Kiss my cheek
Lick my tears
Perfect tears
Shed on it

Move your fingers
Along my body
Calm my fever
Cool my temper

Touch my hair
Feel them glassy
Touch my fur
Feel them healthy

Stick your eyes
On my flame
Let my mouth
Grow smiley

Saturday, March 19, 2016

One Million Pieces

Dusk after raining
Day was dying
Night dawning
While I was drowning

I saw myself in motion
Falling like autumn leaf
From sky down on earth
For she was just beneath

She was standing static
Arms folded in her chest
Her wavy hair waving about
Her mind watching me dropping

My heart hit the ground
Broke in one million pieces
And covered the atmosphere
Wholly for her to smell it

She turned away from me
Leaving me starving
From her selfishness
That buried me alive

I got up, head off
Followed her path
Until I saw her embracing
Another guy

He was strong and tall
Like Cypress tree of fall
And calm like dead volcano
Also charming like grasses

He held her in his sleeves
Muscles tightening her close
I cried a sea for that scene
And I can vividly bring it back

She was broadly smiling
Obvious complete gaiety
All over her heart and soul
The way I hadn’t seen before

Heart drummed hard in my chest
Wet eyes rolling around
Finding any spot to stare at
Unfortunately, she was everywhere

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Son Of The Sun

I’m son of the Sun
I’m son of the Moon
I sit by my Father by day
And blaze with Mother at night

Stars are my siblings
Sky is my playground
Clouds are my playing toys
I chase when I’m all alone

In the kingdom of light
My father crowned me Prince
And gave me his golden sword
That chases darkness away

Universe is my castle
World is the bed of my beauty
And the whole space is my place
Because I’m son of the sun

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Past Was Once Present

Days quickly passes by
Time doesn't have to wait
I have decided on to stay
In the past with my bait

with breakups to remember
love left hung in the air
and joyous memories will serve forever
past treasures precious in its store

I once owned a place in heaven
now history has to be read in books
for I've been chased out of my Eden
with present that brought its look

I wonder what tomorrow will bring
love, trust or despair
or if my heart will re-gain its spring
I'll have to sit and just stare

If I could have the power
to decide on life after death
I wouldn't blossom my flower
for past pecked all my youth

what is there left to live for?
when heart still haunts for its home
that was flooded by that summer call
I can't even now tell where it came from

I hate to admit mind's innocence
like of a little child who's learning to walk
heart was stupid enough to the presence
of echoes from millions of balks

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What Is Love

Like floating clouds,
in my mind.
My universe is drawn
on a piece of my heart
on her pencil
left unerasable
love is left untouchable
on the last top of trees
bouncing as a swing
with kids
blissfully playful
to you
what is love?
how do you explain it?
to me, it is different
it is her name
I was born to live with
to die for
she intrudingly touched my life
the way no one else
have ever did
or probably
will ever do