Friday, January 29, 2016

I'll Steal The Past

One day
I’ll go back in time
And steal the past

I’ll steal the past
My jolly youth
It has stored

I’ll steal my smile
It has jailed
A life sentence

I’ll steal the past
My romance
It has mopped

All my strengths
It held captive
I’ll steal them

All the love
I was shown
He kept it to him

I’ll break in your house
And steal all my moments
You hid my mind

I’ll steal the past
All my happiness
He snatched my heart

Oh, the past
You are idling the treasure
That is scarce today

You have my love
You have my dreams
I’ll steal you for sure

I’ll steal you past
All people I loved
And peace we owned

I’ll steal you the jewelries
And fill you with the miseries
For now and tomorrow

I’ll steal you children
And all the parents
You took from us

I’ll steal you past
For future, because
I’ll steal the future too

I’ll steal you
And leave you
Alone with misery

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sweet Life

The first time we met
You told me your name
Again I saved another date
Since I lost my old flame

Then we had a talk
That seemed to last
And we took a walk
That buried my past

Next time we hugged
Letting our furs to stick
Since then on we vowed
Lasting along as our pick

The following day we kissed
Sending our eyes in deep sleep
The fear I had before vanished
Then I held you up in my sleeve

At last we felt in love
Forever for eternity
At least we stand lone
With love like trinity

When we got married
Honeymoon spent in Eden
And it’ll go our last breathed
Before proceeding to heaven

I know we’ll die
Together like stars
Before crossing sky
Flying like Angels

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Then What

I was born and raised the way I didn’t choose
I was taught to work hard as a source of luxury
I was taught to pray as the genesis of eternity
And I was taught to love as an essence of life
But then what?
What’ll next?
After all that

I’ll work hard
Have myself a gilded life
As well as a felicitous family
But then what?

I’ll love as I was taught
But I’ll die, as a common destiny
Leave my beloved ones in sorrow
Wailing and mourning after me
But why should I have to love them?
When we won’t last forever together

I’ll die
And proceed to heaven
Or I’ll go to hell
All due to my deeds
But then what?

After all that
After loving and praying
After reading all Testaments
And after the last judgment
What’ll next?

What the use of living anyways?
Is it to love?
When you’ll certainly go away
Or is it to work hard
When you’ll leave all your possession
Is it to pray hard?
When you might probably lose the heaven
Or it is to enjoy life
Every means possible carefree

Why should I be proud of my existence?
Or what’ll happen after life and death?
Where will we be after hell and heaven?
After eternal happiness in Promised Land
Or after deathless burning fire in perdition
What’ll be next?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When Sky Will Fall

When I turn out
I gaze up in the sky
Moon gliding brightly
Wondering whether
There is other object
Wandering thither
Out of my sight

When sun is growing
Still I stare up in the sky
And marvel at his rays
That produces warmth
Deep inside in my teeth
Again take time to dig on
What else should be there

The way mountains
Stand stock-still tall
Inspires me on climbing
And have a spying vista
To see if there is a siesta
Of other heavenly bodies
That may be invisible to us
When we’re down on earth

Clouds in blue-white adornment
Sun’s rays blazing in ornament
It suddenly breaks into raining
Heavy drops digging the ground
And frighten the hell out of me
Alarmed of what will happen
When the sky will fall down

At night
When it is dark and moonless
Only stars twinkling from far
Faintly like abandoned town
I close eyes to fancy dawn
And open soul to witness
The tightness of sky above
Letting myself to stay loose

Monday, January 25, 2016

When Was Yesterday?

When was yesterday?
Anyone to remind me?
What happened yesterday?
Anyone to remind me?

Did I act silly? Or did I say rubbish?
Or I just sang? The nicest song
I don’t remember how yesterday started
Or how it ended
I just remember one hour in 24
Vividly like recorded video
Precious moments, beauteous feelings
That’s all I remember

Ooh, she’s still there, in my mind
Wandering like a soldier on duty
It is still joyful, time we had yesterday
Alone in rain under my roof

They thought we were crazy, the crowd
They stared, amazed
They thought we were in love, few of them
But they were wrong
Actually we were in heaven, me and her
For love is too small
Heaven in paradise, paradise in heaven
Us all alone

She seemed happy, when we were together
Broadly smiling like an angel
I was lost, lost in her soul
She fully had me, under her control
She took my hand, firm in hers
Ascending my fever
So as to my blood pressure

I closed my eyes, reckoning our future
Building our palace above mountains
I opened my eyes, she wasn’t there
I opened my mouth, shouted her name
Louder, louder than thunder
What happened next? I’m not aware

I said my prayer, the next morning
She was smiling, when I closed my eyes
I tried to remember, when I got out of bed
What happened yesterday
I failed to bring back
The life I used to live before
Only her picture stayed

Friday, January 22, 2016

Heart A Poet Can't Recite

This poem will say a bit
Just a tiny
This heart of mine
Will sing its portion
They’d all mean a little
Sun above
Can only testify what happen during day
There are moments when night is moonless
So please never blame any
For not telling the story
Do stars sleep?
Does the sky stare?
You ask them

Maybe the goddess of sight
May know everything
Or she may have a hint
Just a brief clue
That’s nothing though
The point is
I don’t really know what’s happening
Within my inner self
Something is wrong
Or about right
I don’t know, this craziness
That madness you only have when you’re asleep
You know what I’m talking about, right?
You know I’m nowhere near normality
I started being rude
You started departing

You know my favorite songs
I know your favorite subjects
Two different worlds
On two different pathways
Everything different
Nothing seem to be the same
I reckon
There may be a savior
To bring things back together
In same course of line
Two different generations
One has to renounce
One has to let life slip
Off hands
So that both can win

In war
There’s always a loser
Before the main action
I may be, or you but I want to lose
To lose life,
If I could die or at least go far away
Instead if winning failure
Only God,
He who knows everything
Who holds truth in his hands
Only you can allow him to spread it
To give life to the scripture

There, you can be aware
Of what’s really happening
You can explain to me what’s happening inside
Apart from sun and the moon
Stars and clouds which are obvious
That can be seen and felt
I know something else, unusual
Something frightening
That’s love I have for you
This love
I carry along
I can no longer
Bear all alone

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Loving You

Adoring you, I do
Saying you, I sing
Hurting you, I hate

Caring you, I try
Kissing you, I fly
Thinking you, I cry

Missing you, I die
Hearing you, I heal
Smelling you, I smile

Seeing you, I follow
Tasting you, I swallow
Loving you, I’m Romeo

Touching you, I wish
Hugging you, I freeze
Feeling you, I breathe

Dreaming you, I deepen
Holding you, I fly to heaven
Leaving you won’t happen