Tuesday, August 2, 2016


there's nothing like
life I own
bereft of breath
death my friend
pulled up stakes
's deck's stir
it breezes still
beneath my heart
blaze's hot
as hell's laughter
what speaks the eyes
is menacing x-rays
cold as the sun
sting to the soul
but sour as honey
words are clichés
I put make up on
to reflect my pose
now I dance
like I'm nothing
and sing like
I am everything

Monday, August 1, 2016


I’m awake as the night itself
Reading’s but of atomic help
Wind races past the time
To blow me back in frame

I can definitely use me
In destroying love afire
Death thrills, life kills
It takes weakness to unveil

Words blurred by tears
Smear heart and the future
Eyes redden with clock ticks
As the night crawls to eternity

It costs the spirit living free
Inhales are Master’s snapshots
Exhales (sour gospel to swallow)
Are infernals’ Do Re Mi Fa Sol

It’s contemptuous dancing alone
Lights fighting besides the bed
Dreams tempt everlasting sleeps
Sleeps I never sleep when asleep

Fate reads me like authorless novel
To spit out enlivening chapters
And beguile me with brief quotations
From last moment we were together