Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fancy Love

I can catch on what you are doing
You’re sweeping aside my feelings
Which I fought really hard to hold
But it felt like holding water chute
For no single drop to feel the ground

You’re stepping on my dead end beat
That is likely to die out about anytime
Slightly you are flying out of my sight
And surely you are escaping my frame
Though I’m keeping on chasing your halo

I tried on ignoring my heart for so long
But it kept on calling your name over
I had to bin your picture from my mind
But it stayed like a tattoo on my eyelid
I can see you as I close my eyes along

From hell to earth up to heaven
There are no appropriate words
I can sing to my fancy valentine
To tell the insanity of my world
And the immortality of my love

I’ve never felt this way before
For anything or anyone like I do
And I’ve never cared for the world
Until I realized that it is having you
The treasure I’ve been looking for

Sometimes I wonder what on earth you can do
When what’s happening to me comes in your way
I can bet my life that you can’t take one step forward
‘Cause I’m holding the whole universe on my shoulder

And I’m carrying it till beyond my six senses’ character

Saturday, October 3, 2015


It was one Sunday morning
After bitter prolonged nights
When I shaded from sunlight
Again I saw daylight mooning
And heart resumed its beating

You made your way
Smiling like leafy bower
Then you held my hand
Smelling like fleshy flower
And you stayed in my mind

By seeing you beneath
I instantly wanted to fall
Wishing to be your catch
But feared to break in parts
Rather chose to stay on call

My love to you is everywhere
In your tea and water you bathe
You cannot escape it to anywhere
It dwells in sky and air you breathe
Spying on your heartbeat everyday

You own a palace in my thoughts
Which I can no longer deny or resist
I admit being your captive for life
And I admire your reign, no doubt
‘Cause you resemble my future wife

Your likes became my favorites
And your words are my breaths
Your appreciations are my decisions
And your expectations are my mission
To fulfill when I’ll make my way through