Saturday, April 30, 2016

Silent Ocean

It's out of kindness not to mention
aura of obscurity in silent ocean
with bottom as a bed of skeptic devotion
and staying optimistic as brilliant notation

I cannot well remember she having breasts
but for beats that drum in her chest
world and its tender sun are out of request
only life her eyes and smile manifest

loving and pretending are not to regret
but fearing none and all that frustrate
while living (life to contemplate)
in mind that nothing can interpret

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Last

Your name
Was my last word
I mouthed
Before parting the world

Your scent
Was my last smell
I sniffed
Before losing my olfactory

Your face
Was the last view
I saw
Before losing my sight

Your image
Was my last memory
I had
Before my deathless swoon

Your smile
Was my last wish
I made
Before I perish

Your love
Was my last bite
I swallowed
Before I die

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Night Is Long

In one blink
Cloud covers the moon
While night is creeping
Cautiously as thirsty mosquito
I sit on the edge of my bed
And mouth my prayer aloud

Sun is forgotten
Like blur moments of youth
Or old memories of my exes
Them I took only for granted
When they could even sleep in couch
I close my damp eyes for a second
My candles gently snuff out one at time

Night is long
So long as depthless road
Or that deathless awkward agony
You have to live with anyways
I stand up on my single foot
A quick ache put me back down

I try to stand up again
Trying hard to stand on my bare feet
Coldness of the ground on my flesh burning
Warm breeze in my ear hissing
I look out through my open window
If there is any obvious gesture of tomorrow

I step out of my haven
Stars twinkling high up in heaven
Nightingale chanting as Lucifer
Soulful angelic song of joy-fest

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

*Posting Break*

From 7th to 14th April,2016, I'll have a "Posting Break" as it will be a week of commemorating Tutsi who lost their lives in 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.
This will lead on going one Saturday without posting (on 9th April) and I'll resume posting on 16th of April.
Let's all together fight Genocide Ideologies!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kill The Night

Where are you sun?
Where have you gone?
Will you ever come back?
Night is long and frightening
Sky moonless and achingly dark
Only stars above are twinkling

I can only hear my beating
In my anxious thought
And singing of night birds
I can see the shadow of my mind
Alone in my precarious vault
And the horror of your absence

Why can’t we have a talk?
Us alone at the café
And see if we can talk it out
Why have you abandoned me?
Why can’t you show up?
I’m talking to you, sun

Why can’t you see fear in my eyes?
Why can’t you feel tears in my ducts?
Why can’t you hear silence of my heart?
My heart is terrified with vibe of anxiety
While eyes can testify blind of blackness
You were once here but now you are gone

You’ve now became a memory
A wishful thinking fills our mind
That you’ll again show up
And you’ll beautify the dawn

Other countless suns can’t help
They faintly pretend to shine
But they only can see so near
I wish you were at least here
I wish you were here day and night

Only your warmth touches the bare
Your rays dig deep down under bed
Why can’t your availability last?
Just a little bit longer
Long enough to offer stability
I know I’m being too selfish
Yes, I’m selfish; you should know that too

Here’s my request as a poet
Steal the past all your light
And kill the night
Please kill the night, sun
Take back your throne it took