Saturday, April 16, 2016

Night Is Long

In one blink
Cloud covers the moon
While night is creeping
Cautiously as thirsty mosquito
I sit on the edge of my bed
And mouth my prayer aloud

Sun is forgotten
Like blur moments of youth
Or old memories of my exes
Them I took only for granted
When they could even sleep in couch
I close my damp eyes for a second
My candles gently snuff out one at time

Night is long
So long as depthless road
Or that deathless awkward agony
You have to live with anyways
I stand up on my single foot
A quick ache put me back down

I try to stand up again
Trying hard to stand on my bare feet
Coldness of the ground on my flesh burning
Warm breeze in my ear hissing
I look out through my open window
If there is any obvious gesture of tomorrow

I step out of my haven
Stars twinkling high up in heaven
Nightingale chanting as Lucifer
Soulful angelic song of joy-fest

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