Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Trip to Heaven

what will I write
never written before life
is there any song
never been sung
I walk every evening
in silence to heaven
to pay my daily visit
my soul bathe in mist
still get dirt of time
now that I but live
have lost all to gain
gained all to lose
but yet know not
last moment I lived
I wake up early
to witness the yielding
of daylight to the nightfall
there, right there, I know
sunrise wait two nights
there, I willingly die not once
my favorite kind of music
do nothing but to hate me back
the arrow-like feelings
narrow to the heart not the mind
ache the nights more than the thoughts
my life, backwards, strides
to the death date joy-fest
my light quenches with clock-tick
one step at a breath, we go
me and the shadow, in darkness
not forgetting them I met
but never happen to recognize
or at least, to remember before
now that my life is tied on words
them I either write or recite to the self
I sing my heart out to the unknown
and sigh the past's unfairness
but do nothing but to sooth the spirit
with people and poetry
I write but never read

PS: On Monday 1st of August it will be my 23rd birthday and it is on my birthday that my New Year begins with new goals for coming year and a glance backwards for my achievements and failures for the past year. As a matter of fact, I want my 23rd year to be a year of writing more than ever. So as a result, from Monday on, I'll be posting here daily.
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It would be a nice birthday present though!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Shouldn't

I shouldn't be here
blowing my room's curtains up
with dead breeze of my voice
waiting for the clock to stop
I shouldn't be dancing to my insanity
pretending not to care
every morning born
bed knows me never
like wild thoughts
locked in lucid jar
I shouldn't be free
things I shouldn't know
life I shouldn't swallow
all are my rivals
teach me but to live
free the soul to lead
unchain the heart to see
tomorrow from yesterday

PS: I  apologize for the failure of posting last Saturday due to being over-scheduled by my book I had to revise (as it was requested by my publisher, Lulu) and other deadline I was about to meet that I didn't get adequate time to dedicate myself both to writing something and to be available online.
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Monday, July 18, 2016

"Heart a Poet Cannot Tell" Now Published

I'm very delighted to share with you my first poetry book "Heart a Poet Cannot Tell".
It's been a long journey of writing and rewriting day and night (for almost a year) but now my work and my effort are not at all wasted.
As I have mentioned in previous posts, the book contain One Hundred poems collected from other many more I've been writing since considering myself a poet. I gave it a lot of time and attention (in fact, I gave it all of myself) and I'm very proud to have it finally and the way it is.
It is currently available only in eBook format on and will very soon be available on other online book stores (and print copies of course).

Get a copy at only at 1.99$ and don't forget to give it a review and to share it with a friend or two.

Thank you!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Haunting Drawing

Draw my heart 
On walls of your room
It'll haunt with flowers
At night
Before falling asleep
Mount my name
So quiet to hear
I'll stop by at dawn
With sunrise in lyrics
I am cold and bare
And quiver for you 
Not being there
If I was to play again
With the youth of my state
I bet this pain
I'd sing it only in tale
I cling to the heaven
Your lips may offer
Not forgetting your eyes
Damn, what you gave me
Met your apathy
To kill me
To keep me alive
And silently

P.S: I am over excited to share with you this beautiful and artistic official cover of my book.
It was designed by Sammy Lionel.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

For You

Last night alone
Was like reading poetry
Leading life where
It is never too late
Your smile broadened lately
You stood harsh times
Your children, we died
With you
For you

It is in centuries you were born
Fifty-four you live
And only twenty-two alive
You rose with heavenly sun
From West to East
Never again will you cry
Your children, we will cry
With you
For you