Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Shouldn't

I shouldn't be here
blowing my room's curtains up
with dead breeze of my voice
waiting for the clock to stop
I shouldn't be dancing to my insanity
pretending not to care
every morning born
bed knows me never
like wild thoughts
locked in lucid jar
I shouldn't be free
things I shouldn't know
life I shouldn't swallow
all are my rivals
teach me but to live
free the soul to lead
unchain the heart to see
tomorrow from yesterday

PS: I  apologize for the failure of posting last Saturday due to being over-scheduled by my book I had to revise (as it was requested by my publisher, Lulu) and other deadline I was about to meet that I didn't get adequate time to dedicate myself both to writing something and to be available online.
My book is now ready, and if you haven't a copy yet, get it here