Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Girl Has Died, My Girl

Artwork by Karen Arnold 

Death is life afterwards
A train that climb down
Maneuvering every speed, it held

Dead leaves cover me in every sight
Beg on to cease mourning but
I can’t
Day is night, everyday

Life is death in black and white
Time is mirror, left is
I understand now, my girl has died

Behind the Invisible, very far away
Light and shadow are in constant
They crave my girl, I worship their grave

Wrong and Opposite, none is fair
Selfishness blind mean of us being
I only write, write to release my fever

Love and hate, perfect imperfections
Two egoists with one bread to equal
They both hurt to heal, heal to kill

Now that I am alone I but recite
Underneath my heart are harsh words of
Glory’s to my pen, Reign to my world

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Night's Weeping

Artwork by Tamara Ward

Tears shed by pen
Smear heart in notebook
Fear strays from the frame
And appear in a stern look
That strangers cannot notice
Behind blue eyes and the sky
There lay broken promises
Ones with not a wing to fly
Lost in nights’ wiping
Their views out of try

Days spent in drawings
She’d be sent out of the house
With river from weeping
But for what once was
Known as the daydream
Helped to cool down the volt
She won a place in museum
And a heaven of some sort
She’s the goddess of smile;
A battle she never fought

She’s an expensive style
Always precious to look at
With a bunch of guys on file
Before my mountain was flat
And I hadn't meet the change
Yet, or hear myself in the air
Until my soul escaped the cage
Cage of time that didn't play fair
I cursed thoughts I had in range
For her viral atmosphere 

Monday, January 16, 2017

[Untitled #3]

Artwork by X Posid

Lay your head
at the bosom of my head
and let your dreams prevail
as a blossoming gray rose
don't you wander off poesy
it is where life begins
in the wake of my muse
your face I behold
beauteous you are
in a world you're a star

Saturday, January 14, 2017

[Untitled #2]

Artwork by Lisa Runnels

We’re two blocks apart
My forlorn pulse yearns
For your remedy; daring
Let me lose now and yet
Don’t let me think of years
For years are mere counting

Kinda love me, life alone is getting stiffer
For every star beheld in the night sky
Embed a million blinding light
In your eyes are stories I decipher
And songs my soul holds on replay
Just love me; my Goddess of delight

Late nights, with thoughts in revolt
Heart and eyes in need of you close
Sleeping dwell on bottom of their will
I cherish your being, loving you I devote
I sing of your beauty in poesy and prose
Wish I just could read for you how I feel

Friday, January 13, 2017

Until You Fall Asleep

Artwork by Celestin Munezero

Once my thoughts took a long wander
At the edge of twilit land
In a world they know no love
She the wailing loner
The Goddess of beauty and the light
Whose mercy dwells on eastern horizon
And the mouth of paradise praises her name
Unceasing and with tendering delight
Now find me here, the desperate lover
Burn my soul with the touch of your eyes
And deny not kissing the core of my heart
I long for you, as deities long for sincere psalms
And search your pulse on the bottom of my thinking
Oh, daring; I beseech your kindling affections
I contemplate on this art on starry nights
Master-given art of yearning for you in time
Crave not to enter the cave of my bosom
The stock to your smiles and your distinct aromas
Stay close by the garden where you’re adorned
Your name of angelic melody is innocent in my ears
There’s no gold mine I wouldn’t give away
To touch your dark skin, beauteous as the sky of heaven
Gentle caress across your whole body until you fall asleep.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

[Untitled #1]

Artwork by Celestin Munezero

Plays ceased to arouse
The lively amongst my long-dead pieces
Amidst perpetual contemplation I dwell
Unable to tell clearly life from death and vice-versa
I once thought I’d live for who knows how long
And the god himself was ignorant of my muses
Away at the fortunate land they know no sun and no moon
I the glorious visitor were of merry welcome
But sat cross-minded for I was unaware of their languages
Their daughters and cattle and gardens were of heavenly glare
And though encompassed solitary kept me accompanied
I could read contentment fresh and young in their eyes

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Artwork by Sabine Sauermaul

Vain! You’re a drifting vain
Not in simpletons will you reign
Your reddish wine, I’m afraid
Will be drunk by soils not in need
Foreign to your sail
As heaven is to hell
Now set you’re missed
In worlds you’ve kissed
Please don’t go by yourself,
Send I, your servant
The docile in you cattle
Voiceless in ovule merchants
Your halo is so hot to freeze
And your shrill not in our veins to breeze

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1 A.M.

Artwork by Rajesh Misra

It strikes one aft and fore
Crave of the flesh tenses at once
Meekish restraints yield way before
Thence the virile blow is but a waste
It strikes two aft and fore
Cling to the thought presses like twice
Blankish psyche yearn for hardcore
Hence fiber alone pays for the price
Whence did he befallen me?
Him the uglier in all the angels
And of what his purse has to be?
Frightened am I unlading his fambles
Motion waker entice the hand
Below ground is the rover mind

Monday, January 9, 2017

Night In Common

Artwork by Dawn Hudson
Life and death have life in common
     Be it of a human, a borer or a deity
So do I and the moon have night in common
     Be it sunny, hazy or cloudy
Even now, she’s got the brightest of the sides
     Her heavenly smile peek my room’s underdoor
In the sky of the stars, her gaze constantly resides
     And whilst the angelic wings, my flight underdo
Not so long have I altered from being a song
     In the ears of mountains my chants do perish
So wild and woeful as time within a throng
     But still, notwithstanding, still’s the pain to cherish
But what do love and death have in common after all?
     Devotion and retention I presume
Being a neighbor of either side, I clearly recall
     For they embellish souls they consume
Words are mere leaves falling from sole trees
     They bleed not, neither do they really know
Whether autumn is round the corner with heaves
     Nor do they least care how vigorous will the wind blow
But what do life and sin have in common?
     Sin is but a life in sore cloak, I daresay
Cloying to the flesh while decaying cinnamon
     Whence did the gale and the ages sail
Life stood in-between me and my dear death
The very moment I failed to keep hold my clear breath

Saturday, January 7, 2017

At the Edge of Horizon

Artwork by George Hodan

     It’s not easy, not really easy
Living at the edge of horizon
     Sun set not, moon rises late
Tidal feelings quake indoor
     Being is all but illusory being
Ethereal muse kindle me out of self
      Whilst amid time I’m tied to heave
Read not anymore my dear eyes
      For in every word is mourns of lonely heart
Sculptured everywhere as stars are to heavens
      Hear no more my kind ears
For in every song are cries of straying soul
     Lost amidst foggy cold nights of December
Oh poor nose of mine, divine you are
      And innocent as wisdom is to the mad Emperor
And hands are, I console myself in thinking so,
      Quaky as thoughts are to the touch of her pure being
Our brokenness is a language we cannot translate
      Nor possibly understand where it springs from
But its banks and beds willingly set in our wildest dreams
      I acquired poetry not for pitching my voice high
But for waking gone-missed mountain lovers
      With the loudest amongst all my silent hearts

Friday, January 6, 2017

Worriers of Time

Artwork by Celestin Munezero
Turned the sight around
To the humble gatherings
Of travelers to the unknown
Land to pretend and defend
Thereof in their righteous mind
Execute blur-sighted prophets
Sons and daughters of the future
Now is the morale they merely read
Sculptured all around parietes
Of their sore hearts
Cries in their pathetic eyes
Are heard alone in their homes
And of them worriers of time

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Chant

Artwork by Sabine Sauermaul

Say it bores me playing a piano
Or it sores me sailing a sea alone
Late at night when you’re asleep
And stars are watching over you my darling
Extend your hand and take me there
To that isle empire of beauty you built
And amid the rhythm of songs we sing
We’re lyrics to the world of magic
Days are steep and tiresome to climb
But together we mount like
A song coming to an end
But seem to be starting instead afresh

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Just, Take Me Away

Image/Amateur Pic
Take me away
Far away beyond my reach
Where I won’t breathe
Neither will I think

Take my sinful thoughts to rest

In that cold hell of them perished
When there was still life to lie
Life of despair, life of misery and isolation

Take your child, corrupted with lust

Masks are getting tighter, blemish uglier
My language’s utterable not anymore
Lamentations are but mere chants of devilish choir
Cherished in the underground grave of heaven

One or two know, three or so follow

Amidst the frigid mo(u)rnings of January
The lecher Angel takes a good lead
Who knows how many gods in space?
And goddess in pursuit of righteousness out of death

Give me one pill tonight,

My being will soon be forgotten,
My pain and blankish days I borrowed
Grant me one wish, cold sleep would fit perfect

I now plead,

I please my flesh with flesh
Thoughts with thoughts
Take me away now ere I foul my sheep
To the land of quietness
Wind blows not, stars shine late

Oh, how marveled am I

For that venture ride
Smooth and slow it ought to be
And mild and still I ready am to go

Just, take me away

To the island they don’t think
And be with me forever as time is to the gods

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In the Eyes of the Skies

Artwork by Celestin Munezero

Haul the clouds
Behind the mounts
Sail dreams
Along the tides
Think of not to write
To write is but to breathe
Muse rather to reads
In the eyes of the skies
Countless are the Words
Foreigners but to the Author
And as night roughly befall
Mourn not my strangest of the souls
Recollected are poetries to recite
Engraved onto the flaming of the time
And onto our blankish memories
Us the flails, us the despairs;
Onto the diaries of the greatest of our coevals,
Onto the hearts of the heartless poetesses
Who’s to redeem the worlds of the rightful?
If not the Sun of the mighty kingdom
Oh! Brethren, hear not my cries
Cheer not to my laughs
For they are mere counterfeits
Just as heavens are to the nightful hearts
Be Solomonic in reading my eyes
Be! As a mirror in the desert reflects sun rays
Birth the right in the wrongest of the moment
Thus the wrong in its righteous orbs
Sons to the sinful mothers
Daughters to the vileful fathers
Heed me not, I’m temporary
Yet permanent as the Change His-self
You’ll notice my gust tailing
Not until I’m done will you be.

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Out

Artwork by Larisa Koshkina

New Year found me out
Staring back at the stars
Them I didn't know before
If only I could understand
How they make you feel