Friday, January 13, 2017

Until You Fall Asleep

Artwork by Celestin Munezero

Once my thoughts took a long wander
At the edge of twilit land
In a world they know no love
She the wailing loner
The Goddess of beauty and the light
Whose mercy dwells on eastern horizon
And the mouth of paradise praises her name
Unceasing and with tendering delight
Now find me here, the desperate lover
Burn my soul with the touch of your eyes
And deny not kissing the core of my heart
I long for you, as deities long for sincere psalms
And search your pulse on the bottom of my thinking
Oh, daring; I beseech your kindling affections
I contemplate on this art on starry nights
Master-given art of yearning for you in time
Crave not to enter the cave of my bosom
The stock to your smiles and your distinct aromas
Stay close by the garden where you’re adorned
Your name of angelic melody is innocent in my ears
There’s no gold mine I wouldn’t give away
To touch your dark skin, beauteous as the sky of heaven
Gentle caress across your whole body until you fall asleep.

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