Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In the Eyes of the Skies

Artwork by Celestin Munezero

Haul the clouds
Behind the mounts
Sail dreams
Along the tides
Think of not to write
To write is but to breathe
Muse rather to reads
In the eyes of the skies
Countless are the Words
Foreigners but to the Author
And as night roughly befall
Mourn not my strangest of the souls
Recollected are poetries to recite
Engraved onto the flaming of the time
And onto our blankish memories
Us the flails, us the despairs;
Onto the diaries of the greatest of our coevals,
Onto the hearts of the heartless poetesses
Who’s to redeem the worlds of the rightful?
If not the Sun of the mighty kingdom
Oh! Brethren, hear not my cries
Cheer not to my laughs
For they are mere counterfeits
Just as heavens are to the nightful hearts
Be Solomonic in reading my eyes
Be! As a mirror in the desert reflects sun rays
Birth the right in the wrongest of the moment
Thus the wrong in its righteous orbs
Sons to the sinful mothers
Daughters to the vileful fathers
Heed me not, I’m temporary
Yet permanent as the Change His-self
You’ll notice my gust tailing
Not until I’m done will you be.


  1. I don't know if you noticed but your composition takes the shape of a Christmas tree in this arrangement. The poem has an excellent poetic flow to it.

    1. I hadn't noticed the Christmas tree shape. Hhh... Anyway, thank you very much Simon, I greatly appreciate:)