Saturday, January 21, 2017

Night's Weeping

Artwork by Tamara Ward

Tears shed by pen
Smear heart in notebook
Fear strays from the frame
And appear in a stern look
That strangers cannot notice
Behind blue eyes and the sky
There lay broken promises
Ones with not a wing to fly
Lost in nights’ wiping
Their views out of try

Days spent in drawings
She’d be sent out of the house
With river from weeping
But for what once was
Known as the daydream
Helped to cool down the volt
She won a place in museum
And a heaven of some sort
She’s the goddess of smile;
A battle she never fought

She’s an expensive style
Always precious to look at
With a bunch of guys on file
Before my mountain was flat
And I hadn't meet the change
Yet, or hear myself in the air
Until my soul escaped the cage
Cage of time that didn't play fair
I cursed thoughts I had in range
For her viral atmosphere 

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