Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Just, Take Me Away

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Take me away
Far away beyond my reach
Where I won’t breathe
Neither will I think

Take my sinful thoughts to rest

In that cold hell of them perished
When there was still life to lie
Life of despair, life of misery and isolation

Take your child, corrupted with lust

Masks are getting tighter, blemish uglier
My language’s utterable not anymore
Lamentations are but mere chants of devilish choir
Cherished in the underground grave of heaven

One or two know, three or so follow

Amidst the frigid mo(u)rnings of January
The lecher Angel takes a good lead
Who knows how many gods in space?
And goddess in pursuit of righteousness out of death

Give me one pill tonight,

My being will soon be forgotten,
My pain and blankish days I borrowed
Grant me one wish, cold sleep would fit perfect

I now plead,

I please my flesh with flesh
Thoughts with thoughts
Take me away now ere I foul my sheep
To the land of quietness
Wind blows not, stars shine late

Oh, how marveled am I

For that venture ride
Smooth and slow it ought to be
And mild and still I ready am to go

Just, take me away

To the island they don’t think
And be with me forever as time is to the gods

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