Monday, January 9, 2017

Night In Common

Artwork by Dawn Hudson
Life and death have life in common
     Be it of a human, a borer or a deity
So do I and the moon have night in common
     Be it sunny, hazy or cloudy
Even now, she’s got the brightest of the sides
     Her heavenly smile peek my room’s underdoor
In the sky of the stars, her gaze constantly resides
     And whilst the angelic wings, my flight underdo
Not so long have I altered from being a song
     In the ears of mountains my chants do perish
So wild and woeful as time within a throng
     But still, notwithstanding, still’s the pain to cherish
But what do love and death have in common after all?
     Devotion and retention I presume
Being a neighbor of either side, I clearly recall
     For they embellish souls they consume
Words are mere leaves falling from sole trees
     They bleed not, neither do they really know
Whether autumn is round the corner with heaves
     Nor do they least care how vigorous will the wind blow
But what do life and sin have in common?
     Sin is but a life in sore cloak, I daresay
Cloying to the flesh while decaying cinnamon
     Whence did the gale and the ages sail
Life stood in-between me and my dear death
The very moment I failed to keep hold my clear breath

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