Saturday, March 25, 2017

I dare

Artwork by Kai Stachowiak

Dingy tunnel of silence
compress me tight
suffocated, I ride
unlighted, by love
I read her eyes
so blue
so bright
I spontaneously expire
so passionate
so zealous
dying a bit
living I quit
at the far mouth
I touch by sight
fragrance enchant
world resists
words I emit
attain few feet
I shout
I count days like stairs
upside down
I descend in despair
expecting her breath to be there
I understand
dwell devil
en route, I dare
ravenous of her evil

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Back to my World

Image by Linnaea Mallette

Journey started inside
when I hadn't nothing to hide
not my price, nor my pride
I strayed, allowing time to ride
to ride me
back to my world
I missed not in words
my left was quiet
right playing loud
two world apart
bonded together by heart
innocent heart
pure and sure
about what it felt
I let out a sigh
glanced back and front
no soul could be found
in distant, lone sight
I fantasized her beside
the gust of her presence harsh
down on my thoughts
I sat
tried hard to write
but out came gush of feelings
and dreamings
and everything
I couldn't control

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Last Song of the Anonymous Poet

Image by George Hodan

Words are not mine
Hear’em with closed ear
They’re just temp friend
To go with hither and thither
And to include lives in frame

Words are not mine
Read’em with blinded eye
Arrows aimed to bosom
Tender bleed to pieces
Dispassionate dither in silence

Tight-stretched heart pierces the easiest
With’em posing lamb
It takes time and persistence
They’re just not mine
Come about’em with scrupulous pacing

I hate shortcuts to the fields I own
Words are not mine, I’m no Shakespeare
Nor Jeremy, nor Elijah either
I’m myself, unknown yet to my pen
The last song of the late anonymous poet

I lost the past, present held in custody
I, the feast in nights of sorrows
The path is blur, still I can smell the destiny
In the world of silence I will reside
Words are not mine, I am the word

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Heaven See

Artwork by Dawn Hudson

Not a single thing's in my possession now
Not a sleep
Nor a breath
Eye is the moon overcast
A subjective night visit
They peek at me naked in the rest room
Unable to pick my scattered self up
I'm no way free
I wonder how they hear pierced heart
There's not a psyche-pious dot
Or else, I may have wandered off the pattern
Parallel sighs reach the heaven, swiftly
One behind,
Once again
I question the mind
Their deities playing too stupid to notice
Some loyal prejudices
...and disheartening pretexts
Mount steep ladder
Unpluck flowered buds
There's a world going on
Hush and silent to naked ears
I stand for phobic black bricks
I stand with daytime stars
I own distant roads at night
Wildness of mount-peaks
Attempting to see what heaven see
Up there...