Tuesday, December 29, 2015

You Can Cure Me This Pain

There is that passive treasure
That is idling within my flesh
And setting burning pressure
With unfair torturing heartache

If you could once spy in my heart
To be aware of the castle I built
Only for you to ascend the throne
I know you can cure me this pain

With your favorite colors
Painted daintily on walls
And your pictures in paras
You can cure me this pain

You have that capsule
You can use to capture
All that aching worms
To cure out all my pain

With your healing word
And love you can afford
I swear on my head that
You can cure me this pain

With your scent I can smell
Phrase your heart can spell
And song your soul can sing
You can cure me this pain

Whenever you are in area
My heart access your beats
And by sniffing thy atmosphere
My lungs resume their breaths

I don’t know what you gave my eyes
To ever follow your gorgeous frame
And what you whispered in my ears

To always hear you voice like chime

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Hi! I would first love to thank you for taking your time to read this poem;it is a big pleasure and honor for me. I wrote it intending not only to wish you Merry Christmas but also to let you know that I’m grateful for having your attention right now! It means a lot to me! Thank you!

And here comes this
To wish you
Merry Christmas
I cannot be able to ignore
What you mean in my life
You know that
Sometimes poets lie
With pen and their beautiful mind
Pretend to live in past or present
That they love when they don’t
That they’re crying
When they’re actually laughing
They barely write their own lives
And if they do so,
They keep it for themselves
Buried in their journals
But, read this as if I’m not a poet
Read as if I’m a recent-born child
Who knows nothing
Nothing at all
But crying
From this infant’s innocent words,
I take this time to wish you
A merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
And a prosperous New Year
Understand that
It comes from its truthful heart

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fount Of My Smile

The beautiness of my being
And happiness in my ticking
All fount from your pulsing

Your single knock on my thought
Get me open my tear ducts’ gate
Allowing pool on blinding my sight

The calmness of the night
And brightness of the light
All resemble your soft heart

You buoyed me from ducking
With that ardor of you darling
I could hardly hide my feeling

My soul got immersed in your spirit
And I loved you with my bare heart
At least God will thank me for that

You are my love song I sing every morning
My umbrella to cover me when it’s raining
And my shelter to hide in when life is falling

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Forsaken Life

I’m watching you fading
In muddy mist of clouds
With my spirit absconding
You’re forsaking me alone
On bottomless dank stairs
Descending in deep despair
You crowned me of kingship
In a horror world of sorrow
Immersed in lack of manship
You left me in dingy tunnel
Bleeding away sun and moon
And snuffed my candle boon

You graved my fancy future
In an excrescence earthy hell
After flying out of my picture

I’m sleepwalking in your footprints
With that ever-delicious daydream
Of waking with your shadow in frame

I’m sinking in suspended animation
With that sharp-creepy admonition
Of making up my mind on burying you

I’m drowning for the vivid memories
That are haunting around in my mind
Like that awful convincing tall stories

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Healthy catchy dusk
Stirs along starry sky
Busker gets on busk
Draw my eyes in spy

Hearty applause follow
Still trees start burning
Bumper of ashes billow
Draw a pencil shining

Heaty blinding light occurs
Steer past burn in blackout
I badger crowd the matter
On drop the performer out

I reckon it won’t last
Soon you get the off
Sudden as flashlight
Fade in air and poof!

I follow your hung dust
Till I stuck in crossroad
With my chimera burst
Onto awakening dread

I ask gentle breeze
Of where it blew you
‘Cause I won’t cease
Ever on finding you