Saturday, December 19, 2015

Forsaken Life

I’m watching you fading
In muddy mist of clouds
With my spirit absconding
You’re forsaking me alone
On bottomless dank stairs
Descending in deep despair
You crowned me of kingship
In a horror world of sorrow
Immersed in lack of manship
You left me in dingy tunnel
Bleeding away sun and moon
And snuffed my candle boon

You graved my fancy future
In an excrescence earthy hell
After flying out of my picture

I’m sleepwalking in your footprints
With that ever-delicious daydream
Of waking with your shadow in frame

I’m sinking in suspended animation
With that sharp-creepy admonition
Of making up my mind on burying you

I’m drowning for the vivid memories
That are haunting around in my mind
Like that awful convincing tall stories