Saturday, May 2, 2015

White Shadow

In the white shadow
Not a whit of shallow
You whip me to shatter
Now I weep in my shelter

With your white shadow
I was blind of that light
For it, I had to follow
Leaving behind my heart
Wailing, bathed in sorrow

I tried to banish all that thought
But your promises stayed like virus
I had to diminish pain in my heart
For you were holding all the aces
‘Cause I loved you, and you didn't


  1. What a beautiful, but sad poem. Not so many people appreciate poetry, but I like reading poems, love poems especially. They don't take long to read and they show you the world in a new light.

  2. thanks a lot @ourfamilyworld, appreciated that

  3. I don't understand poetry in general, but it's impossible for a broken heart not to recognize these words and what are they saying. We each have our own way to express our pain, poetry is definitely one of yours. Keep writing!

  4. Poetry is a lost art I remember I use to recite plays when I was little and I use to always go to the library and check out the poetry section. I love all kinds but the ones that make you think are the best

  5. Cleaning the virus really is a pain. It's pretty hard to move on and there's so much to do in order to be released from the trappings of the past. Loving someone who didn't love you back is also okay since experiencing love even if one way is wonderful. No regrets.

  6. I love this. I used to do a lot of poetry writing, found it to be a nice escape or another way to express my feelings. It's amazing how people find different meaning in your writing. Very beautiful.

  7. I love this so much. Poetry is a great way to express your feeling. I used to write a poem, but not anymore. Keep writing and hope you can let it go! Very beautiful poem

  8. Poetry is such an amazing outlet of your feelings! It can be hard to talk about feelings but it seems to be easier in words on paper sometimes! Great poem you wrote!

  9. What a truly expressive poem that really made me feel your words today! You obviously have a talent for getting your feelings across in words! They are truly unique and will be sharing with a friend today

  10. Very lovely poetry. I used to write it some back in the day but now I just appreciate reading it. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me how much I love poetry.

  11. I used to really be into poetry when I was younger, but somewhere along the way, it took a back burner. After reading this poem, I know many people may think of lost love when they read it, but for me, I'm actually thinking of the tooth I just got pulled – maybe the references to 'white' had something to do with it. I had this tooth that I really wanted to save…all in vain because my root canal post had dismantled the root – it was beyond repair and infected, which is probably why the word 'virus' stuck out to me. I must have gone to five different dentists trying to save it because I was in denial that I had to part with it. For years, this has been a painful ordeal that had me depressed at times. Funny how poetry touches people in different ways.

  12. What an interesting poem. It doesn't sound like a lost love to me. It sounds very abusive. My husband loves poetry and works in which he has to look for deeper meanings. It drives him crazy that I tend to gravitate away from things like this.