Sunday, November 2, 2014

Moment Of Silence

In the moment of silence
Where I can’t hear any of yesterday’s voice echoing
Where I can’t hear my footstep alone when walking
Where I can’t hear myself at the midnight breathing
Where I can’t even hear my heart when it is beating
There I can hear a crescendo of your love calling

In the moment of silence
When my mind is scrabbling to say out loud my quietness
When the mire of feeling lonesome is making me anxious
When my misfit in my milieu is holding my words to last
When my mien is trying hard to show out my quirkiness
There I meet your missive of tenderness whispering in ears

In the moment of silent
I have savored your halo from dim
I have saturated your heart, with a beam   
I have smelled your scent as precious gem
And now I have settled forever in your dreams

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