Tuesday, August 2, 2016


there's nothing like
life I own
bereft of breath
death my friend
pulled up stakes
's deck's stir
it breezes still
beneath my heart
blaze's hot
as hell's laughter
what speaks the eyes
is menacing x-rays
cold as the sun
sting to the soul
but sour as honey
words are clichés
I put make up on
to reflect my pose
now I dance
like I'm nothing
and sing like
I am everything

Monday, August 1, 2016


I’m awake as the night itself
Reading’s but of atomic help
Wind races past the time
To blow me back in frame

I can definitely use me
In destroying love afire
Death thrills, life kills
It takes weakness to unveil

Words blurred by tears
Smear heart and the future
Eyes redden with clock ticks
As the night crawls to eternity

It costs the spirit living free
Inhales are Master’s snapshots
Exhales (sour gospel to swallow)
Are infernals’ Do Re Mi Fa Sol

It’s contemptuous dancing alone
Lights fighting besides the bed
Dreams tempt everlasting sleeps
Sleeps I never sleep when asleep

Fate reads me like authorless novel
To spit out enlivening chapters
And beguile me with brief quotations
From last moment we were together

Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Trip to Heaven

what will I write
never written before life
is there any song
never been sung
I walk every evening
in silence to heaven
to pay my daily visit
my soul bathe in mist
still get dirt of time
now that I but live
have lost all to gain
gained all to lose
but yet know not
last moment I lived
I wake up early
to witness the yielding
of daylight to the nightfall
there, right there, I know
sunrise wait two nights
there, I willingly die not once
my favorite kind of music
do nothing but to hate me back
the arrow-like feelings
narrow to the heart not the mind
ache the nights more than the thoughts
my life, backwards, strides
to the death date joy-fest
my light quenches with clock-tick
one step at a breath, we go
me and the shadow, in darkness
not forgetting them I met
but never happen to recognize
or at least, to remember before
now that my life is tied on words
them I either write or recite to the self
I sing my heart out to the unknown
and sigh the past's unfairness
but do nothing but to sooth the spirit
with people and poetry
I write but never read

PS: On Monday 1st of August it will be my 23rd birthday and it is on my birthday that my New Year begins with new goals for coming year and a glance backwards for my achievements and failures for the past year. As a matter of fact, I want my 23rd year to be a year of writing more than ever. So as a result, from Monday on, I'll be posting here daily.
My book is still available on Lulu in case you haven't got it yet, you can get it here
It would be a nice birthday present though!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Shouldn't

I shouldn't be here
blowing my room's curtains up
with dead breeze of my voice
waiting for the clock to stop
I shouldn't be dancing to my insanity
pretending not to care
every morning born
bed knows me never
like wild thoughts
locked in lucid jar
I shouldn't be free
things I shouldn't know
life I shouldn't swallow
all are my rivals
teach me but to live
free the soul to lead
unchain the heart to see
tomorrow from yesterday

PS: I  apologize for the failure of posting last Saturday due to being over-scheduled by my book I had to revise (as it was requested by my publisher, Lulu) and other deadline I was about to meet that I didn't get adequate time to dedicate myself both to writing something and to be available online.
My book is now ready, and if you haven't a copy yet, get it here

Monday, July 18, 2016

"Heart a Poet Cannot Tell" Now Published

I'm very delighted to share with you my first poetry book "Heart a Poet Cannot Tell".
It's been a long journey of writing and rewriting day and night (for almost a year) but now my work and my effort are not at all wasted.
As I have mentioned in previous posts, the book contain One Hundred poems collected from other many more I've been writing since considering myself a poet. I gave it a lot of time and attention (in fact, I gave it all of myself) and I'm very proud to have it finally and the way it is.
It is currently available only in eBook format on Lulu.com and will very soon be available on other online book stores (and print copies of course).

Get a copy at http://www.lulu.com/shop/nizeyimana-fabrice/heart-a-poet-cannot-tell/ebook/product-22792896.html only at 1.99$ and don't forget to give it a review and to share it with a friend or two.

Thank you!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Haunting Drawing

Draw my heart 
On walls of your room
It'll haunt with flowers
At night
Before falling asleep
Mount my name
So quiet to hear
I'll stop by at dawn
With sunrise in lyrics
I am cold and bare
And quiver for you 
Not being there
If I was to play again
With the youth of my state
I bet this pain
I'd sing it only in tale
I cling to the heaven
Your lips may offer
Not forgetting your eyes
Damn, what you gave me
Met your apathy
To kill me
To keep me alive
And silently

P.S: I am over excited to share with you this beautiful and artistic official cover of my book.
It was designed by Sammy Lionel.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

For You

Last night alone
Was like reading poetry
Leading life where
It is never too late
Your smile broadened lately
You stood harsh times
Your children, we died
With you
For you

It is in centuries you were born
Fifty-four you live
And only twenty-two alive
You rose with heavenly sun
From West to East
Never again will you cry
Your children, we will cry
With you
For you

Saturday, June 25, 2016

I Should Have

I arose early this morning
In an abyss remorse
Of what I should’ve done
When you were around

When I was chasing after the wind
I should’ve stopped by your station
Only to say hello to your lone spirit
And when I was climbing
A dead-end tower to the top
I should’ve opened my blind eyes
Only to see that you were beneath

When I was buried
In the fantasy of my room alive
I should’ve opened my window
At least to let the light inside
And when I was a selfish Emperor
I should’ve opened my world
At least to let new born

When I heard an imploring knock
I should have hurried to the door
And open it before it was too late
And when you came by my side sobbing
I shouldn’t’ve undone my sword’s cane
Only to let your wound heal first

When you waved your hands
Helplessly sinking in my sea
I should’ve stopped my ship
To save you before expiring
And when you showed up
From other side of the road
I should’ve lowered down
My spaceship and let you in

When you appealed
I should’ve opened my book
To your favorite chapter
And when your heart
Was haunted with despair
I should’ve showed up from corner
For your smile to arise again

Now I stand alone in my universe
For my stupidity exceeded reality
And heart is reciting nonsense verse
Of what I should’ve done in past

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

(Apology of Not Posting)

It is my heartfelt duty to present my reason of spending two consecutive Saturdays without posting anything.
From 9th June, I've been seriously sick that I couldn't make it either to write anything new, or to stand anything with so much light like phone and computer screen therefore I had to wait my full recovery.
I will resume posting again this coming Saturday on 25th and I'm looking forward to hear from you again.
Oh, I hope your calendars are still marked 18th of July. Nothing has changed to the publication of Heart a Poet Cannot Tell.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Mark July 18th

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.
Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” ─Plato

Poetry is merely not only words written on a sheet of paper, in books or anywhere else but also clouds of feelings forming in heart and mind and ready to split out at anytime, anywhere and everywhere.
It has been raining in my world, too,before even my birth and I fell for words and with words and now I understand that I am for poetry and poetry is for me. Poetry has been my safe haven and best companion and I write to retrieve a part of me pecked.
You’ve probably been seeing hashtag #markjuly18th and wondered what it is all about, what will happen on July 18th, and so on.
In order for my poems to be archived, on July 18th I will self-publish my first poetry book in form of e-book. My book will be titled Heart a Poet Cannot tell and will consist a collection of my hundred best poems,few of which are published on my blog while others (a large pile of them) are not published anywhere else apart from my journals and of course on my heart (reading it will exactly be as penetrating in my heart, in my life, and in my feelings by how I tried to polish them with words and looking the surroundings through my eyes).
I titled it that way because I believe that there is nothing really a poet can’t tell, and when I found one, I thought it was worth treasuring in a book for generations to come.
I hope you will love it as much as I do and will allow me to know what your thoughts will be about it. Therefore, please mark July 18th, 2016 on your calendars so you won’t forget.
I can’t put it in words how excited and eager I am to share my lifetime dream with you.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Millions and Uncountable

relationships do not last
or love simply does not exist
at all
when I think of it
every call to attempt
déjà vu
I keep looping about
back and forth,
just like that
round in spiral
I'm going to die immortal

in every breath swallowed
molecules of you are millions and
like stars of the ocean
I wake up with passion
every morning
and die of keenness
omitting some pages
at night
when I dream about you
time jumps to two

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Canvas of Heavens

In an empty room, nakedness on walls
I stand staring out of the sky and the doors
No sun’s in sight
To brighten the night

By closing the eyes I see not nothing but a figure
Drawn on a canvas of heavens I picture
Given are praises
Risen aren't praises

Walking alone through the time and the past
I and my mind are not aware of what happened at last
Missed is sleeping
Felt is another thing

I keep myself on track of life I’m not living
Like a painter with painting, I am with writing
Felt is something
Known is nothing

I do not write in my journal or about my hobbies
Instead on walls with no clothes on their bodies
But I love to write
What I cannot split

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Throwing Stones To the Stars

We forget sleeping
at innocent nights
throwing stones to the stars
oh, how did I miss but not life
they fall back down
to us
we hold them firm
in our palms
reciting our hearts
in songs
moon gazes in our favor
young and beautiful
than ever
she, smiling
I, dying
in her grasp
I sip to life

Saturday, May 7, 2016


steps so brief
time to crossing
waits on pedal point
point of staying
depends on stable pacing
arms in air whirl
silence dies
before being heard

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Silent Ocean

It's out of kindness not to mention
aura of obscurity in silent ocean
with bottom as a bed of skeptic devotion
and staying optimistic as brilliant notation

I cannot well remember she having breasts
but for beats that drum in her chest
world and its tender sun are out of request
only life her eyes and smile manifest

loving and pretending are not to regret
but fearing none and all that frustrate
while living (life to contemplate)
in mind that nothing can interpret

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Last

Your name
Was my last word
I mouthed
Before parting the world

Your scent
Was my last smell
I sniffed
Before losing my olfactory

Your face
Was the last view
I saw
Before losing my sight

Your image
Was my last memory
I had
Before my deathless swoon

Your smile
Was my last wish
I made
Before I perish

Your love
Was my last bite
I swallowed
Before I die

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Night Is Long

In one blink
Cloud covers the moon
While night is creeping
Cautiously as thirsty mosquito
I sit on the edge of my bed
And mouth my prayer aloud

Sun is forgotten
Like blur moments of youth
Or old memories of my exes
Them I took only for granted
When they could even sleep in couch
I close my damp eyes for a second
My candles gently snuff out one at time

Night is long
So long as depthless road
Or that deathless awkward agony
You have to live with anyways
I stand up on my single foot
A quick ache put me back down

I try to stand up again
Trying hard to stand on my bare feet
Coldness of the ground on my flesh burning
Warm breeze in my ear hissing
I look out through my open window
If there is any obvious gesture of tomorrow

I step out of my haven
Stars twinkling high up in heaven
Nightingale chanting as Lucifer
Soulful angelic song of joy-fest

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

*Posting Break*

From 7th to 14th April,2016, I'll have a "Posting Break" as it will be a week of commemorating Tutsi who lost their lives in 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.
This will lead on going one Saturday without posting (on 9th April) and I'll resume posting on 16th of April.
Let's all together fight Genocide Ideologies!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kill The Night

Where are you sun?
Where have you gone?
Will you ever come back?
Night is long and frightening
Sky moonless and achingly dark
Only stars above are twinkling

I can only hear my beating
In my anxious thought
And singing of night birds
I can see the shadow of my mind
Alone in my precarious vault
And the horror of your absence

Why can’t we have a talk?
Us alone at the café
And see if we can talk it out
Why have you abandoned me?
Why can’t you show up?
I’m talking to you, sun

Why can’t you see fear in my eyes?
Why can’t you feel tears in my ducts?
Why can’t you hear silence of my heart?
My heart is terrified with vibe of anxiety
While eyes can testify blind of blackness
You were once here but now you are gone

You’ve now became a memory
A wishful thinking fills our mind
That you’ll again show up
And you’ll beautify the dawn

Other countless suns can’t help
They faintly pretend to shine
But they only can see so near
I wish you were at least here
I wish you were here day and night

Only your warmth touches the bare
Your rays dig deep down under bed
Why can’t your availability last?
Just a little bit longer
Long enough to offer stability
I know I’m being too selfish
Yes, I’m selfish; you should know that too

Here’s my request as a poet
Steal the past all your light
And kill the night
Please kill the night, sun
Take back your throne it took

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kiss My Cheek

Hug my sculpture
Spread your spirit
Through its flesh
To animate me again

Hold my hand
Firm as pillar
Let it not slip
Off this mountain

Whisper in my ear
Your favorite song
To my bare soul
For smile resumption

Eat my lips
Enjoy your prey
Send my eye
In deep sleep

Write a song
A soulful song
Sing it aloud
For my joy-fest

Kiss my cheek
Lick my tears
Perfect tears
Shed on it

Move your fingers
Along my body
Calm my fever
Cool my temper

Touch my hair
Feel them glassy
Touch my fur
Feel them healthy

Stick your eyes
On my flame
Let my mouth
Grow smiley

Saturday, March 19, 2016

One Million Pieces

Dusk after raining
Day was dying
Night dawning
While I was drowning

I saw myself in motion
Falling like autumn leaf
From sky down on earth
For she was just beneath

She was standing static
Arms folded in her chest
Her wavy hair waving about
Her mind watching me dropping

My heart hit the ground
Broke in one million pieces
And covered the atmosphere
Wholly for her to smell it

She turned away from me
Leaving me starving
From her selfishness
That buried me alive

I got up, head off
Followed her path
Until I saw her embracing
Another guy

He was strong and tall
Like Cypress tree of fall
And calm like dead volcano
Also charming like grasses

He held her in his sleeves
Muscles tightening her close
I cried a sea for that scene
And I can vividly bring it back

She was broadly smiling
Obvious complete gaiety
All over her heart and soul
The way I hadn’t seen before

Heart drummed hard in my chest
Wet eyes rolling around
Finding any spot to stare at
Unfortunately, she was everywhere

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Son Of The Sun

I’m son of the Sun
I’m son of the Moon
I sit by my Father by day
And blaze with Mother at night

Stars are my siblings
Sky is my playground
Clouds are my playing toys
I chase when I’m all alone

In the kingdom of light
My father crowned me Prince
And gave me his golden sword
That chases darkness away

Universe is my castle
World is the bed of my beauty
And the whole space is my place
Because I’m son of the sun

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Past Was Once Present

Days quickly passes by
Time doesn't have to wait
I have decided on to stay
In the past with my bait

with breakups to remember
love left hung in the air
and joyous memories will serve forever
past treasures precious in its store

I once owned a place in heaven
now history has to be read in books
for I've been chased out of my Eden
with present that brought its look

I wonder what tomorrow will bring
love, trust or despair
or if my heart will re-gain its spring
I'll have to sit and just stare

If I could have the power
to decide on life after death
I wouldn't blossom my flower
for past pecked all my youth

what is there left to live for?
when heart still haunts for its home
that was flooded by that summer call
I can't even now tell where it came from

I hate to admit mind's innocence
like of a little child who's learning to walk
heart was stupid enough to the presence
of echoes from millions of balks

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What Is Love

Like floating clouds,
in my mind.
My universe is drawn
on a piece of my heart
on her pencil
left unerasable
love is left untouchable
on the last top of trees
bouncing as a swing
with kids
blissfully playful
to you
what is love?
how do you explain it?
to me, it is different
it is her name
I was born to live with
to die for
she intrudingly touched my life
the way no one else
have ever did
or probably
will ever do

Monday, February 22, 2016

Apology Of Not Posting

Hello! It's been about three weeks without posting anything new based on my health conditions.
I've been seriously sick for about two weeks which resulted in not writing nor posting as I've mentioned.
I'm now fully recovering and I'll start posting again on 29th of this month! I'm eagerly looking forward to share with you my latest poems I'm writing during my recovery!
I again apologize for my absence but it wasn't my choice.
Keep yourselves having great times.

Friday, January 29, 2016

I'll Steal The Past

One day
I’ll go back in time
And steal the past

I’ll steal the past
My jolly youth
It has stored

I’ll steal my smile
It has jailed
A life sentence

I’ll steal the past
My romance
It has mopped

All my strengths
It held captive
I’ll steal them

All the love
I was shown
He kept it to him

I’ll break in your house
And steal all my moments
You hid my mind

I’ll steal the past
All my happiness
He snatched my heart

Oh, the past
You are idling the treasure
That is scarce today

You have my love
You have my dreams
I’ll steal you for sure

I’ll steal you past
All people I loved
And peace we owned

I’ll steal you the jewelries
And fill you with the miseries
For now and tomorrow

I’ll steal you children
And all the parents
You took from us

I’ll steal you past
For future, because
I’ll steal the future too

I’ll steal you
And leave you
Alone with misery

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sweet Life

The first time we met
You told me your name
Again I saved another date
Since I lost my old flame

Then we had a talk
That seemed to last
And we took a walk
That buried my past

Next time we hugged
Letting our furs to stick
Since then on we vowed
Lasting along as our pick

The following day we kissed
Sending our eyes in deep sleep
The fear I had before vanished
Then I held you up in my sleeve

At last we felt in love
Forever for eternity
At least we stand lone
With love like trinity

When we got married
Honeymoon spent in Eden
And it’ll go our last breathed
Before proceeding to heaven

I know we’ll die
Together like stars
Before crossing sky
Flying like Angels