Friday, January 29, 2016

I'll Steal The Past

One day
I’ll go back in time
And steal the past

I’ll steal the past
My jolly youth
It has stored

I’ll steal my smile
It has jailed
A life sentence

I’ll steal the past
My romance
It has mopped

All my strengths
It held captive
I’ll steal them

All the love
I was shown
He kept it to him

I’ll break in your house
And steal all my moments
You hid my mind

I’ll steal the past
All my happiness
He snatched my heart

Oh, the past
You are idling the treasure
That is scarce today

You have my love
You have my dreams
I’ll steal you for sure

I’ll steal you past
All people I loved
And peace we owned

I’ll steal you the jewelries
And fill you with the miseries
For now and tomorrow

I’ll steal you children
And all the parents
You took from us

I’ll steal you past
For future, because
I’ll steal the future too

I’ll steal you
And leave you
Alone with misery

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