Friday, January 22, 2016

Heart A Poet Can't Recite

This poem will say a bit
Just a tiny
This heart of mine
Will sing its portion
They’d all mean a little
Sun above
Can only testify what happen during day
There are moments when night is moonless
So please never blame any
For not telling the story
Do stars sleep?
Does the sky stare?
You ask them

Maybe the goddess of sight
May know everything
Or she may have a hint
Just a brief clue
That’s nothing though
The point is
I don’t really know what’s happening
Within my inner self
Something is wrong
Or about right
I don’t know, this craziness
That madness you only have when you’re asleep
You know what I’m talking about, right?
You know I’m nowhere near normality
I started being rude
You started departing

You know my favorite songs
I know your favorite subjects
Two different worlds
On two different pathways
Everything different
Nothing seem to be the same
I reckon
There may be a savior
To bring things back together
In same course of line
Two different generations
One has to renounce
One has to let life slip
Off hands
So that both can win

In war
There’s always a loser
Before the main action
I may be, or you but I want to lose
To lose life,
If I could die or at least go far away
Instead if winning failure
Only God,
He who knows everything
Who holds truth in his hands
Only you can allow him to spread it
To give life to the scripture

There, you can be aware
Of what’s really happening
You can explain to me what’s happening inside
Apart from sun and the moon
Stars and clouds which are obvious
That can be seen and felt
I know something else, unusual
Something frightening
That’s love I have for you
This love
I carry along
I can no longer
Bear all alone

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