Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our Last Night

In a beauteous room
I made a stupid goof
Of opening my roof
For your flying to loom

On our last night
I saw my morrow life
Hacked with keen knife
With all possible might

We had our last talk
I poured out heart to fall
And my mind wasn’t tall
On your exit I had to balk

On our last meal
I sighed last breath
And lost my love-myth
Eve of starting my reel

Our last dance
Was our last fate
And our last date
Ere closing the fence
Your darling smile
And your abrupt flight
Caused a brutal smite
That sent me out of style

With your angelic voice
My heart seemed toyed
And it was left with a void
There wasn’t another choice

When your heart waved
My tears failed to be kept
Rather chose on being wept
For my life were deeply caved

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