Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Then What

I was born and raised the way I didn’t choose
I was taught to work hard as a source of luxury
I was taught to pray as the genesis of eternity
And I was taught to love as an essence of life
But then what?
What’ll next?
After all that

I’ll work hard
Have myself a gilded life
As well as a felicitous family
But then what?

I’ll love as I was taught
But I’ll die, as a common destiny
Leave my beloved ones in sorrow
Wailing and mourning after me
But why should I have to love them?
When we won’t last forever together

I’ll die
And proceed to heaven
Or I’ll go to hell
All due to my deeds
But then what?

After all that
After loving and praying
After reading all Testaments
And after the last judgment
What’ll next?

What the use of living anyways?
Is it to love?
When you’ll certainly go away
Or is it to work hard
When you’ll leave all your possession
Is it to pray hard?
When you might probably lose the heaven
Or it is to enjoy life
Every means possible carefree

Why should I be proud of my existence?
Or what’ll happen after life and death?
Where will we be after hell and heaven?
After eternal happiness in Promised Land
Or after deathless burning fire in perdition
What’ll be next?

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