Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sweet Life

The first time we met
You told me your name
Again I saved another date
Since I lost my old flame

Then we had a talk
That seemed to last
And we took a walk
That buried my past

Next time we hugged
Letting our furs to stick
Since then on we vowed
Lasting along as our pick

The following day we kissed
Sending our eyes in deep sleep
The fear I had before vanished
Then I held you up in my sleeve

At last we felt in love
Forever for eternity
At least we stand lone
With love like trinity

When we got married
Honeymoon spent in Eden
And it’ll go our last breathed
Before proceeding to heaven

I know we’ll die
Together like stars
Before crossing sky
Flying like Angels


  1. You're an amazing poet..i admire your work

  2. Sweet poem. Like a good song, it is captivating.

  3. Alyce I'm greatly honored to hear that!
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you Felix, I appreciated your kind words!