Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sour Life

I’m sitting in corner of my room
Staring at your picture helplessly
Waiting your phone call hopelessly
With tears flowing like water chute
Leaving sorrowful scars on my cheek

I’m standing in your path
Waiting for your turn
With that broken belief
Of having you back
‘Cause life went tough

I’m sitting on counter of our past
Remembering all your promises
And all golden memories you left
Trying hard to swallow distresses
Caused by your sudden departure

I’m now following your scent
Hung behind when you went
And I’m trembling for quake
Of missing warmth of your hug
And of smile I’m trying to fake

I’m starving for the part of me
That deserted my life to death
And I’m not ceasing on crying
With that slightly sinking faith
That I will see it again coming

You saved me when I was dying
Again buried me when I’m living
We hugged and that was nothing
But we vowed, which was something
For love to bind us together forever

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