Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When Sky Will Fall

When I turn out
I gaze up in the sky
Moon gliding brightly
Wondering whether
There is other object
Wandering thither
Out of my sight

When sun is growing
Still I stare up in the sky
And marvel at his rays
That produces warmth
Deep inside in my teeth
Again take time to dig on
What else should be there

The way mountains
Stand stock-still tall
Inspires me on climbing
And have a spying vista
To see if there is a siesta
Of other heavenly bodies
That may be invisible to us
When we’re down on earth

Clouds in blue-white adornment
Sun’s rays blazing in ornament
It suddenly breaks into raining
Heavy drops digging the ground
And frighten the hell out of me
Alarmed of what will happen
When the sky will fall down

At night
When it is dark and moonless
Only stars twinkling from far
Faintly like abandoned town
I close eyes to fancy dawn
And open soul to witness
The tightness of sky above
Letting myself to stay loose