Monday, January 11, 2016

Your Love

Your love raised me back to life
When I was dying of love bite
Then you held my hand for a ride

We climbed the tree of love to the top
We dived in the sea of love to its deep
Me and you alone enjoying that trip

You’re my pill I need to heal
And my back to hold me still
You’re all I need to flood my fill

You are everywhere I look
You are every breath I take
And every happiness I seek

God gifted you to love me
And opened my eyes to see
How my life was meant to be

I’ve been in love with different girls
But yours taste different with theirs
You’re all I’ll ever want in life and death

Through your eyes, I see my image
Through your words, I hear my thoughts
And through your breath, my heart beats

Our souls have already went to heaven,
For they fulfilled the greatest commandment
When they vowed to stick forever together

Without you, I can’t take one step forward
Without your love, I’m like sky without cloud
I can see you even when my eyes are closed

When death will come in our way, I won’t be afraid
For I surely know that the way we share the same life

Will exactly be the same way we will share the same grave


  1. Nice poem! Very nicely written most of us end up writing love poems maybe its way to make our heart understand that love is a forbidden fruit and hence, you should experience it but never to get it. I liked you poem but only thing is that the last line did not rhyme properly otherwise its nice!
    You may comment on my blog as well at
    and let me know how I write. All the best and keep writing more!

  2. Thank you my dear friend Sheetal! I'm honored to hear those words from a great poet like you. I have visited your blog and I think I'm gonna get stuck there (and I'll let know what I think about them there).
    For the lat stanza, I felt like letting be a free verse would allow me to pour out my feelings exactly the way they were more than to follow the rhyme, that is why it is the way it!
    I hope it didn't matter much!
    Thank you again for stopping by and have an eye on my writing, I'm looking forward to see you again on my next posts!