Saturday, June 25, 2016

I Should Have

I arose early this morning
In an abyss remorse
Of what I should’ve done
When you were around

When I was chasing after the wind
I should’ve stopped by your station
Only to say hello to your lone spirit
And when I was climbing
A dead-end tower to the top
I should’ve opened my blind eyes
Only to see that you were beneath

When I was buried
In the fantasy of my room alive
I should’ve opened my window
At least to let the light inside
And when I was a selfish Emperor
I should’ve opened my world
At least to let new born

When I heard an imploring knock
I should have hurried to the door
And open it before it was too late
And when you came by my side sobbing
I shouldn’t’ve undone my sword’s cane
Only to let your wound heal first

When you waved your hands
Helplessly sinking in my sea
I should’ve stopped my ship
To save you before expiring
And when you showed up
From other side of the road
I should’ve lowered down
My spaceship and let you in

When you appealed
I should’ve opened my book
To your favorite chapter
And when your heart
Was haunted with despair
I should’ve showed up from corner
For your smile to arise again

Now I stand alone in my universe
For my stupidity exceeded reality
And heart is reciting nonsense verse
Of what I should’ve done in past

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