Saturday, March 19, 2016

One Million Pieces

Dusk after raining
Day was dying
Night dawning
While I was drowning

I saw myself in motion
Falling like autumn leaf
From sky down on earth
For she was just beneath

She was standing static
Arms folded in her chest
Her wavy hair waving about
Her mind watching me dropping

My heart hit the ground
Broke in one million pieces
And covered the atmosphere
Wholly for her to smell it

She turned away from me
Leaving me starving
From her selfishness
That buried me alive

I got up, head off
Followed her path
Until I saw her embracing
Another guy

He was strong and tall
Like Cypress tree of fall
And calm like dead volcano
Also charming like grasses

He held her in his sleeves
Muscles tightening her close
I cried a sea for that scene
And I can vividly bring it back

She was broadly smiling
Obvious complete gaiety
All over her heart and soul
The way I hadn’t seen before

Heart drummed hard in my chest
Wet eyes rolling around
Finding any spot to stare at
Unfortunately, she was everywhere


  1. this touches the very deep part of me and it now leaves me speechless
    keep it up got it right into you

  2. Thanks a lot Alyce! It is always honor and pleasure to hear such words from a person like you! I appreciate indeed