Saturday, March 5, 2016

Past Was Once Present

Days quickly passes by
Time doesn't have to wait
I have decided on to stay
In the past with my bait

with breakups to remember
love left hung in the air
and joyous memories will serve forever
past treasures precious in its store

I once owned a place in heaven
now history has to be read in books
for I've been chased out of my Eden
with present that brought its look

I wonder what tomorrow will bring
love, trust or despair
or if my heart will re-gain its spring
I'll have to sit and just stare

If I could have the power
to decide on life after death
I wouldn't blossom my flower
for past pecked all my youth

what is there left to live for?
when heart still haunts for its home
that was flooded by that summer call
I can't even now tell where it came from

I hate to admit mind's innocence
like of a little child who's learning to walk
heart was stupid enough to the presence
of echoes from millions of balks