Monday, July 18, 2016

"Heart a Poet Cannot Tell" Now Published

I'm very delighted to share with you my first poetry book "Heart a Poet Cannot Tell".
It's been a long journey of writing and rewriting day and night (for almost a year) but now my work and my effort are not at all wasted.
As I have mentioned in previous posts, the book contain One Hundred poems collected from other many more I've been writing since considering myself a poet. I gave it a lot of time and attention (in fact, I gave it all of myself) and I'm very proud to have it finally and the way it is.
It is currently available only in eBook format on and will very soon be available on other online book stores (and print copies of course).

Get a copy at only at 1.99$ and don't forget to give it a review and to share it with a friend or two.

Thank you!

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