Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Trip to Heaven

what will I write
never written before life
is there any song
never been sung
I walk every evening
in silence to heaven
to pay my daily visit
my soul bathe in mist
still get dirt of time
now that I but live
have lost all to gain
gained all to lose
but yet know not
last moment I lived
I wake up early
to witness the yielding
of daylight to the nightfall
there, right there, I know
sunrise wait two nights
there, I willingly die not once
my favorite kind of music
do nothing but to hate me back
the arrow-like feelings
narrow to the heart not the mind
ache the nights more than the thoughts
my life, backwards, strides
to the death date joy-fest
my light quenches with clock-tick
one step at a breath, we go
me and the shadow, in darkness
not forgetting them I met
but never happen to recognize
or at least, to remember before
now that my life is tied on words
them I either write or recite to the self
I sing my heart out to the unknown
and sigh the past's unfairness
but do nothing but to sooth the spirit
with people and poetry
I write but never read

PS: On Monday 1st of August it will be my 23rd birthday and it is on my birthday that my New Year begins with new goals for coming year and a glance backwards for my achievements and failures for the past year. As a matter of fact, I want my 23rd year to be a year of writing more than ever. So as a result, from Monday on, I'll be posting here daily.
My book is still available on Lulu in case you haven't got it yet, you can get it here
It would be a nice birthday present though!

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