Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You Are Amazing

Look at my eyes, what do you see?
Touch my body, what do you feel?
Breathe in, what do I smell like?

When I touch myself, I feel your smoothie body
When I look in my eyes, I clearly see your beauty
When I breathe in, your smell run through my veins
You surely stored something in me which resembles us

Your kiss gives me fever, your hug fly me to the sky
Your heart is like a moon set to light up the whole world
Your teeth are like stones of snow which felt from heaven

Your eyes reflect sunshine during night
Your smile transmit happiness in my life
You are incredibly, beautifully amazing

When you run your hands over my body, I freeze
And when you say you love me, I shift to paradise,
Your voice plays in my mind like a soulful love song

Your words stay on my heart like a tattoo, they can’t be deleted
Your lips are like two fleshy leaves which produce beautiful melody
They’re sweeter than the most delicious chocolate that’ve ever been made

Your hair is like a leafy branch of tree which billows in air when wind flies about
Your body shapes like the only one creature I could had had created if I were God

Your hands, your fingers, your toes; actually everything about you, are beautiful.

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