Saturday, March 4, 2017

Heaven See

Artwork by Dawn Hudson

Not a single thing's in my possession now
Not a sleep
Nor a breath
Eye is the moon overcast
A subjective night visit
They peek at me naked in the rest room
Unable to pick my scattered self up
I'm no way free
I wonder how they hear pierced heart
There's not a psyche-pious dot
Or else, I may have wandered off the pattern
Parallel sighs reach the heaven, swiftly
One behind,
Once again
I question the mind
Their deities playing too stupid to notice
Some loyal prejudices
...and disheartening pretexts
Mount steep ladder
Unpluck flowered buds
There's a world going on
Hush and silent to naked ears
I stand for phobic black bricks
I stand with daytime stars
I own distant roads at night
Wildness of mount-peaks
Attempting to see what heaven see
Up there...

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