Saturday, February 25, 2017

Key to Eternity

Don't dare  sleep tonight
There are stars still to count
Shake your head off empty
This misery knows not safety
Life shed in vain
Love shrinks with time
The mighty rust
Athirst for his-self
Preys on his births
And a benign welcome
Is due to new wakes
Like rain in thirsty earth
Every drop is counted
And his quake apprehended
With a grateful mild silence
His spring is but lavish
Be free as watery sky
Give yourself
Time is but shrinking bread
Satisfaction you never will know
Unless you yield
Right after death
silent it will be
Louder it'll scream
Echoes will wake us
We who came before
On the doors of eternity
Your soul will knock
None to open you'll meet
Yourself is the key
Wary you must be
Of the gate you'll open

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