Saturday, February 4, 2017

Bird of Paradise

Artwork by Irina Bara
I didn’t know you before
Navigating clouds of paradise
My lover’s name
The way I spell it ‘without feet’
It rhymes with soft waft
Underneath my wings

Keep vanity’s hands off,
The Bird of Paradise
Here’s the flame of affections
The chill of lonesome spirit
Humming through the chimney pathways
Illogically pretty (in Ngozi’ echo)

Your soul; old as ‘Thousand Hills’
Yet wise and beauteous, knows my fate
But (n)one of my faces,
And thus my heart, fell for nobody
Apparently nobody
But you, the Bird of my Paradise

In my muse I hearken to your songs
Roaming in the skies of my hut
In between glistening stars
My soul tails after you, gay and athirst
For the handsome wreath of halo behind your smile
Shadows the Goddess of beauty

Eventide, right before graceful slumber
I get caught in downpour of emotions
I but foretell
For the courage to reign shrank with the ages
Untiring ages, soul-prickers
Frap me with your wings, dear Bird of Paradise

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