Thursday, July 10, 2014


How are you my missed one?
I’ve never met you
How sweet are you?
I’ve never tasted you
How beauty are you?
I’ve never seen you
How is your voice?
I’ve never hard you.
Since I was born,
I wished to meet you
Although, I didn’t know you
I always hear people
Talk about you in different ways
But what matter the most
Is that I need you
I need to be where you are
I need to be with you
I need you to be in me
So you won’t get out
There, everything is still fresh
I mean food, drinks and so on
You’ll not be hungry.
Everything in me is prepared
Waiting for your knock
But doors are always open,
By the way, did you know what?
I heard that you like roses
Is it true? Tell me
So I won’t make any mistake
That I’ll regret forever
But, seriously tell me
When will you come?
When will I hear your voice?
When will I sing
All this song I write for you?
When will all mountains and rivers
See my smile for the first time?
When will the soil taste my tears?
When will all the gates be closed?
Cause once you’ll enter
You’ll never get out again
I don’t know the furthest place on earth
But maybe it’s in hell
I’ll throw the keys there
I guess no one could bear to go there
At that time,
The sun and the moon will all be yours
Decide when to rise and when to sleep
All the stars from above
Will be your lighting candles
This world will be meaningless with you
Sorrows, pain will forever be forgotten
History is always remembered
But for them, I don’t think so
Cause it’ll be the starting of life
Not new, but whole life

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