Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I Woke Up, I Am Surrounded By Family And Friends
They All Say To Me, “Happy Birthday"
I Am Surprised, I Didn’t Recognize It Yet
In Fact, I come To Pass 5 Day In A Bar
Having Fun With Friends From Picnic Of Classmates
That Was Crazy; I Kissed Amanda For The First Time
That Time I Felt Like I Am In Heaven Surrounded By Angels
That Was A Best Day Of My Life
It Was The First Time That Girl Told Me That She Loves Me
With Her Beautiful Voice, I Wish I Can Hear It Forever
And Hopefully I Will, Because I Love Her So Much
But Somebody Told Me That To Love One Girl Is Wrong
He Told Me That Even That Girl Is In Love With Many Guys
It Is True, She Didn’t Even Wish Me Happy Birthday
But Because I Love Her, I Think it Is A Surprise
Let Me Wait, Hey Dad, Mom Thank You
But My Birthday Used To Be In August, Are We In August Yet?
Oh I Am Still Drunk, Let Me Stand Up And Great Them

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