Sunday, November 22, 2020

Poems for Her : Episode X

say i'm doing it wrong getting my loving on the run
let me just unbend the strings before i sprint
the gods kinda forgot about us, about us
so long i hardly heard from them now
i didn't shift the blame and forget the pen
this time
i did sound your soul and found a home
the Trilarian left a message on my door
when the day breaks, i'll get to uncoding
your astral beauty beams all over the place
at eleven past eleven i mouth your name
Hi, i am  sin
no beacon lights up forever, it flickers on and off
like my poetry
i come at you in breathless fractions
i need you close but not too close
heart's in the cradle and all
he eats, beats and repeats
i try spinning it, that's a good trick
this love has too many parts
in wider scheme of things
the end of a poem is like an orgasm
you wait to cool off and start over

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Poems for Her : Episode IX

Image by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

the forty-eight colours of the moon beam at me
i need a shower, a crystal guise and a ticket to Mars
i have dibs on fear, something we kind of share

learn to stay

an urge hits me from behind, damn near knocks me on the ground
i sit back and reminisce, we have no other lifetime but this
what do we really need to make it the one

hearts know

see the light from an open window, feel the weakling god
all the signs, all the roads you might have taken alone
if you could look back, there are silhouettes from the other end

midnight happens

this story has it all; flat calms, asteroids and mistrals
you can dance off a night of frustration and no one will hear
cue the silence, now i'm really aware of the music

vision yellows

it's like the wind is kissing my bare heart and it is glorious
a different kind of eye-clearing thought meets me head-on
how much longer is the blackout till i find you in the moment again

heaven's decided

i wouldn't love any other girl
i wouldn't love
i wouldn't love any

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Poems for Her : Episode VIII

black is the gift that keeps giving
with love far and beyond the hills of Tuscany
there's no coming down
i am saved by my far-reaching heart, then her, then nothing

long ripples of her beauty are mirrored in my dream
the prayers are in a bottle. you know, a bottle
everyone knows a bottle!
they are on the empty side of the river, trying to stay alive
well, they can take all the space, the bottom is mine

(i'll keep praying, anyway)

the stab of emotions does not apprise
between the lovers and the strangers (it aches and it aches and it aches)
give me another glance, last night's was a touch too brief

i write and i delete and i read and take my heart to bed

through these lines
i will show you my ways and the run-down cottage they lead to
no number of hitched rides will get me home in one piece

(lo! love cures everything)

I'm always moving downstream aboard grey poetry
there's an ocean between us yet you are so close, so close
i reach out in whispers
call again sometime, i'll write back

love got me here and love will get me out

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Poems for Her : Episode VII

we're commonplace here
this is what the movies do
we're four again, alone
in space, you can't hear me falling

there's a long line to May
i'll hold you in my heart
then in the words i'll keep coming back to
then in the comfy hands of the future

there's a long way to eleven
i keep a log of the faux pas
and the anagrams of your name
the rain's dried,
you can come outside with me

this is where you take me higher
my friend, he said something about doing it overtime
just like music, my taste will need time to wear
living in a mirror, it's like 1023, hello

we need new names
my profile exists in an animated mode
we wallow in sad melodies
then the march
then somebody mentions your name

i just hope i have a soulmate tonight

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Poems for Her : Episode VI

Image by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash

my cat's dream is premiering tonight
sparks of his fire trickle down to me
all i do is save, save, and save
seats, screams and screenshots
i will no longer watch from the shadows
you know it is real, you know it is the thrill
i was at the gallery today and i missed you
i saw sunflowers growing lush and i missed you
i woke up breathing and i missed you

glee is my name, you said and grinned

i am racing towards the final hour
at eleven two times i was to make a wish
the line keeps breaking
you can be the goddess and the prayer
i want to try again.
add a sticky note to the wall of everything i ever said
if i wasn't so drunk, i'd help sift through the pile

the black halo behind my heart is a work of art

we'll heal and drive home at dawn to sleep it off
a step backwards and i can hear it clearly
the radio silence
the second wave announcing my second death,
while i breathe and miss you