Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Selena Gomez

I know what is happening tonight
I’m going to have a flurry moment
Since last few years, life changed
Since the last few hours, I smiled
But it vanished like spray in air
And I’m now trying to play fair
We are like poles, we can’t meet
I’m not popular, not your good fit
Maybe Justin is, but he’s there playing
While a hapless like me is here dying
We, alone exist in my world
We only meet in my dreams
But you disappear like shadow
The fact that we can’t meet kills me
The songs you write and sing feed me
It’s true that heart wants what it wants
But it doesn’t always get what it wants
If not, I wouldn’t be suffering helplessly
I wouldn’t be crying loud hopelessly
That’s my daily life and my daily pain

I’m foolish indeed.